Cellulite GONE for The Holidays, Spring and Summer

*It’s important to note, specific results are not guaranteed. So the sweet thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course. Especially when we consider how many different female “body-types” there are.

No woman wants to look and feel frumpy during all the festive ‘get-togethers’ with friends, family and co-workers…

As a woman, you want to look and feel your absolute best – you want to wear the outfits of your choice – and you want to feel attractive… especially as the New Year kicks in and Spring/Summer are just around the corner (think shorts, summer dresses and swimsuits at the pool/beach).

And you should – as THIS IS HUMAN NATURE

So to help you beat your #1 enemy (Cellulite), we’ve created 3 powerful tips you can implement STARTING TODAY – to help you get ready for all the parties and events over the next few weeks and months…

Here they are:

1 – Get rid of regular old table-salt, and replace it with SEA SALT. Do this on your table and when using it for recipes. Common table salt is simply 1-dimensional – while SEA SALT is totally NATURAL and contains body & beauty enhancing electrolytes, trace minerals and micro-nutrients.*

2 – Cut out chemical sweeteners from your diet. Chemical sweeteners such as ‘acesulfame potassium’ can have a negative impact on female hormone regulation and in turn can effect the look and feel of muscle-tone and skin.

3 – Be sure to include HEALTHY FATS in your daily meal plans. Most women cut calories by cutting out fats – without realizing that fats are ESSENTIAL to proper hormone regulation and balance. When healthy fats are absent – this places a huge sacrifice on structural integrity of the cells of the body – hence saggy muscle-tone, mushy & dimpled skin, etc… So, INCLUDE natural fats such as those in avocado, olive oil, nuts, coconut oil, etc…

And here is your 4th BONUS TIP:

4 – Perform gentle & targeted muscle stimulation movements for the lower body, to get them lifted, sculpted and attractively toned. Doing this makes the skin on top of the muscles smooth and shapely, without the dimples and shadows known as cellulite.

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course 🙂

1 – Read the 5 Keys to Kill Cellulite Article (highly recommended if you haven’t yet)


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