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by Shirlee Rose Ann on My Cellulite Buster
It's Like I Have a New Smooth Body Now...

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.)

It's Like I Have a New Smooth Body Now and Still Improving

Joey Atlas, I just want to say that you are a GENIUS.

I was skeptical at the start of your cellulite removal program and so unsure if it would really work on removing my cellulite. Well, I've been at this four weeks now, and within that time no cellulite on my bum, it is gone!

I've still a bit to go on backs of my thighs and legs, but I definitely see a HUGE improvement on back there and starting to tone up nicely.

This has really motivated me to keep going.

Crazy thing is I've done other common exercises before and used so many creams & other things for a long time without seeing any difference and I've gave up, until I found your website and the black and white video presentation

So you are the only one that has really helped me in getting rid of the cellulite and I can finally look in the mirror after shower and not be disgusted with my body.

I’m getting more body confidence and my body image is going up!

Even my fella has noticed a change, not only my body but in me in general, more importantly.

So I'd like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you 💝

It's hard to take pictures of myself to show the difference, I don’t feel appropriate, but take my word.

If I didn't see the difference I wouldn't have said anything about it.

You are definitely a genius and I thank God I came across you and your anti-cellulite website.

Thanks to you and your method, it's motivated me to QUIT SMOKING 😁😁 and when I get to Vegas later this year I will not be ashamed nor embarrassed to finally wear a bikini so I can finally take pictures of how I look.

It's worth every penny doing this from home and not having to go to the gym which I had no time do being a single mom at home with my son.

Oh, and my loose skin on my belly is toning up too.

OMG I still can't believe that I feel like I've been given a new body, no joke and I’m still making progress!

Everyone needs to know about you; Oprah, Dr Oz, The Doctors, all of them! You deserve to be on those talk shows.

I’ve been telling my mates about you… you will definitely get more people following you. 😁

I will continue to reach my goals. I'm getting there.

I'm half-way there thanks to you 💪❤️

I’ll be back in touch with more good news soon!
Shirlee Rose Ann

by Petra G on My Cellulite Buster
So Many Compliments On My Legs, Thighs and Bottom

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.)

So Many Compliments On My Legs, Thighs and Bottom

Dearest Joey,

I am Petra from Hamburg, and I bought the German version of Your programme. I decided to write this in English (not perfect haha) because I know that other women will be helped so much when they can see my cellulite story.

I‘ve started Your method about 6 month ago… I‘ve had cellulite since I was a baby (not kidding, very fat baby I was :-D)

I‘m doing it mostly 2-3x per week, but there were also some weeks in the summertime / partytime :), where I wasn‘t doing it at all, because of lack of time..

Let me say, I‘m a sporty person & train my whole life in all different ways..BUT - cellulite was ALWAYS there, if training or not.. It was SO frustrating!

And I thought that was way to change it. How could I think otherwise.

But since I‘ve discovered Your amazing programme 6 months ago? well, for me a REAL MAGIC! IT WORKS, Joey!!! :)))

First I was very very suspicious, wondering if it‘s just someone’s trick to make easy money‘..hehe..but Your articles and video explanations was SO GOOD, so positive & also funny, a real person, but professional, sharing what you’ve learned in your lifetime experience, and that made me trust you..

So I was convinced to invest the small price and to try.. Really I had nothing to lose because at that time I was desperate and ready to invest hundreds and hundreds of dollars to test some special cosmetic treatments to get rid of this annoying cellulite, which was accompanying me since I can remember…

So I trusted my gut and bought your program and started the same night. I knew this was different instantly because the next morning I could feel the muscles that you talked about in the cartoon video.

And in the first few weeks I could feel my whole lower body getting toned and shaped. So I just kept going knowing this was already working below the surfaces of the cellulite.

And Joey, after 6 month of doing this now (with some weeks of being lazy in between as well ;)..I can really see the change at my skin on my legs, my thighs and my bottom!!!

It‘s all gone at those areas, where it wasn‘t developed so well before...the areas, where I had the biggest problem with cellulite (above my knees - normally impossible to change that even with those very expensive treatments, I was sad!..and my bottom as well) has so much improved, that I can hardly believe that..but I SEE it! :)))

I keep on continue till I‘m 120 years old ;)..hahahaa.. this simple program has really CHANGED MY LIFE! I get so many compliments for my legs, thighs & bottom now (was always the part of my body I didn‘t like to show!!!)..makes me confident and so HAPPY!

I had to write U this message to motivate U to keep Your message and business going on..U are an ANGEL for us, Ladies! You sure are for me :)!

I pray that somehow you get lots and lots of publicity because so many women in despair will be helped by you but only if they can find you like I did.

Now I regret not to have made some before pics to show U the results of Your programme..that‘s why at least this email to let you know how you have changed my life - i‘m very thankful for Your method and I confirm, that it really works! Also Your videos are so sympathetic, so calm, makes it fun to work out with U!

Lots of power to continue Your further journey… U‘ve inspired my life a lot..THANK YOU, Joey!

Have a nice day & lots of greets from Germany,

by Stella on My Cellulite Buster
I Was Skeptical, But VERY Desperate

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.)

I Was Skeptical, But VERY Desperate*

Dear Joey,
 my name is Stella and I write to you from Europe.

I hope you will please excuse my English it is not so good, but when you read this you will understand my story..

As a girl in my teen years I saw the start of the appearance of cellulite. I was very convinced it is a genetic problem from my mother, because I was never fat or overweight and I did not eat unhealthy.

To the greatest extent this disgusting phenomenon has limited my life. I did not feel confident, I did not feel good, I did not go to the sea with my friends, I did not buy beautiful summer outfits.

In my marriage I felt 50% satisfied. Something was missing.

I got then two children, two beautiful boys. After the second birth, the hormones added their effects to my body. I was a lot more dissatisfied and very down all the time.

Looking at my husband and his superior form, one day I said to myself that I have to do something. I just did not know what. I was so lost about it

I was examining all the various creams, the devices and crazy products, I went to the trouble to try a lot of them and the hassles of using them so many times each day but they did not help at all.

I wasted my money and felt so tricked.

Then I started to google for more research, because I couldn’t give up, I couldn’t live with this. And I knew surgery was a damaging choice because my friend tried it a few years ago, and she looks even worse. She is very depressed about it because she can’t reverse what the procedures did to her body.

Her skin is sagging and dimpled even more and it looks so much older than her age is. She is seeing me improve now and will be coming to do this with me a few times during the week.

So after a few hours of searching things I came across one article by you, Joey Atlas. Then I found some of the success stores in your interviews and the ones the women wrote to you with the pictures and then I told my husband all that I found and I showed him.

I said I have to try this. I was skeptical, as it was said that the results would be visible in a month.

 My husband thought it was a good idea, because he then saw some of your own personal workout training videos on the youtube and he likes your style, he said you are different than other folks out there doing this, you are just being you, not flashy or fake, you know.

And so I made the purchase to your cellulite program and I started same night!

I also made extra sure to eat healthy foods for good nutrients and reminded myself to drink more water.

After a month my cellulite did not disappear but I did not get disappointed, because I felt some change under the skin in those lower body problem zones. I could feel the muscles awakening like you talked about in the video I watched

I continued to do your method and added little short cardio, like you said, once or twice a week. After two months the result was there, it was showing in the mirror !!!

I was so excited for the first time that I could buy a short pants and swimwear! And be ok to be naked with my husband again! We could be intimate and I could feel free now.

That gave me motivation to keep going!

It's been five wonderful months since I started using your symulast Naked Beauty program and I'm overjoyed. I can say that I managed so far 90% to remove cellulite. The remaining 10% believe it will go in time. But even if it stays like now, this is a miracle, but it’s real.

My life has become much healthier, happier, more complete. I feel healthy, I live a happier life.

Joey, you have made simple exercise at home become my way of life. I can not wait for Summer, it will be the first time that I will FEEL Summer on my body!!!!

Everyone who asks me how I managed to get such a good shape, I just mention the name of Joey Atlas !!! Even my mom!

Joey, thank you for everything in my name, on behalf of my husband (who thanks you so much) and on behalf of my children who now have a very happy mom!!!!

You have proven to me that you do know the truth about cellulite. I hope more and more women of all ages can find this instead of all the bad and harmful things like I did at first.

You are my trainer for life!
Ps, I hope you will understand me that we are private people and I don't want to share photos about this, this is a very private thing to me and I would not want them public on the internet, Joey. It doesn't change how greatly this has improved my life and what it means to me that we found you and your methods 🙂

by Trina G on My Cellulite Buster
Giving credit where credit is due

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.) 🙂

Ok Mister Joey, here I go*

I was very tempted to write this sooner, because of what I was feeling in the first few weeks. But I wanted to wait at least a few months, so I could really know if this was going to deliver at least half of what you outlined in your black and white video (a little long, but worth it, btw).

I have to share some important background first, which will shed some light on why your sketch video made sense to me. My sister in law owns a beauty/med spa near Jupiter, FL. And they do a crazy amount of business. When I go visit, I'll spend some time at the spa and take it all in. Well, for years, it's always the same story repeated over and over again. All the staff that works there (except for 2 who eat right and exercise daily) complain NONSTOP about their energy, their flab, their cellulite, their muffin tops, and on and on.

Now here's the crazy thing. The spa has all these services, procedures and treatments that are supposed to fix all those problems. And all staff has access to some of these for free, or for very large discounts. But none of them do it, because they know none of it works on those specific problems, and yet they lie every day to these rich ladies who come in for these treatments and they promise results and improvements constantly. And then when these women come back to say nothing has changed, or things are even worse, they tell them they probably need a few more treatments.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things they are awesome at, such as hair, nails, make-up for events and weddings, facials, mud massage, exfoliation treatments and the like. But when it comes to the other things like fat-freezing, injections, heat lasers, vacuum cupping, pills and such; there is just no consideration for the humanity in these women who come there. It's all just preying on their desperation with the promise of quick, effortless fixes, as long as they are willing to pay the price tags.

What's even more unconscionable is that they all know there are risks with most of these offerings. But they are shown how to downplay and get around these issues by the suppliers of the devices, machines or treatment substances, like in the case of injectables. The odd thing is most of these women coming in could avoid so much of the charade if they just took some time and did some research on the big cosmetic surgery review sites, like

Anyway, I don't mean to get sidetracked here, but like I said in the beginning, the 2 ladies that always look the best and seem the happiest are the ones who eat healthy and do some kind of fitness toning program daily. Go figure right, lol.

So, getting to me, I've always been active on and off, but then had 3 kids in a short time frame and life got busy fast. I still did what I could at home, but my body surely changed through the pregnancies. Once I found some stability and was able to reset my focus I got myself on a regular routine of some cardio, some resistance exercise and eating well-balanced as a family.

But my results wouldn't get all the way to where I wanted them. See, I still had that uneven skin surface in the problems zones. And the muscles just didn't have the shape that used to come so easy to me in the younger years. So I had those dimples and the shadow effect you speak of and I wasn't about to settle for having them the rest of my life.

So I began my search with 'natural way to get rid of cellulite' and somehow found your site and the video presentation you recorded. It was long but it was speaking to me so it was easy to watch. Everything in there made sense, and while it was playing I opened another window to check into you and was happy to see the TV show appearance and some of the other places you've been published, like and The COSTCO Connection. And the blog post about you being invited to train Leona and Harry Helmsley in the 90's? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

Ok, so it all resonated with me. And all factors considered, I really felt that this is worth trying. It's not like you were trying to offer some overnight fix or something along those lines. The way you laid it out just made sense and seemed logical.

Alright so the first week I was saying yeeeaaahhh, because even though the approach and method is gentle, I could totally feel things happening that I never felt in the past, and I've done all kinds of exercise routines and workouts. But I never did anything slow and controlled, combined the way you teach it. Really impressed with that. Not sure if that comes from your masters degree, or if from your own reasoning and creation. Either way it is surely worth noting as a differentiating factor.

So after a about 10 weeks I could see the changes were clearly happening (even my husband noticed) and the main thing was there was a firm smoothness in my thighs, my backside and my lower abdomen. Even my husband said there was a very visible difference in all those areas.

Now I'm still making progress, but I'm at a point where I know I'll be totally confident in a swimsuit or a short dress, with no hesitations at all. And that is big, my friend 🙂

So, like I promised you at the start, here is my candid review of your no b.s. program.
I'll be back in touch again with another update in a few months for certain!

Keep on your path Joey, we need people like you doing what you do!!
- Happy Trina from Michigan
PS - I hope it's ok that I'm not sending the before and after photos. My husband and I don't like the idea of them being on the web. But I can promise you the difference is dramatic.

by Karie Lynn on My Cellulite Buster
85% Gone! My Life Has Changed.

Hi Joey

Before I share the details of my personal cellulite success story, I’d like to share this:

I live in St. Paul Minnesota and am very excited for your new studio to open in a couple months. I am trying to plan a trip down to Florida for a weekend if it works out to just come and try the studio once it is open. I have been a BIG fan of your health and fitness ways for a long time and your methods have changed my life. I just wanted to say thanks and hope I get to meet you one day. 🙂

And now “my story”.

I hesitated at the thought of sharing as I am a generally private woman, but I know that there are others out there like me who would want to hear what I went through, and how I found the solution to my problem. I know my story will help others who come across it during their own search.

I was around 12 years old when I noticed the appearance of cellulite starting to show. I was a very active teenager so this made no sense to me at all why I had this and why I couldn’t get rid of it.

It progressed for years after that no matter what I did or tried. I found myself trying almost everything out there to the point of OCD.

I developed a terrible eating disorder and had to be hospitalized for it and the list goes on. Atkins diets, protein shakes only, starvation, wrapping my body in plastic-wrap, living in the gym 4 hours a day doing countless machines and fitness classes. And none of these worked, I just ended up harming my body and exhausting myself beyond words.

I got more depressed and hated myself and body more with each day and year. Seeing no results with anything made me more disappointed and I covered up my body because of this. You would never see me at the beach in a swimsuit, and ALWAYS had longer shorts and tank top on. Point blank, I was very insecure about my body.

I came across your SYMULAST method when I was searching the internet looking for natural and permanent ways to remove cellulite that didn’t require surgery or wraps or anything invasive to my body that I knew didn’t work, from past experience.

I thought to myself there has to be something out there natural that works. When I saw your link I went and checked out your video presentation and said to myself “WOW this makes sense”. I had been studying fitness and nutrition for years and didn’t even hesitate at my decision to purchase your program.

I’ve been doing the method for over a year and the results are like nothing I have ever had before. So far, I have seen about an 85% reduction in my cellulite (Hehe, that's why I gave it 4 stars; I plan on coming back to give a 5 star review when it's 100% gone 🙂 and have never been happier. In fact I’m now wearing shorts that I have not worn in a VERY VERY long time, and even though you can’t see my butt – trust me I’m VERY happy with it!

It has brought a whole new meaning to my life and the way I view it now. I am stronger physically and mentally and with these has come a great discipline to keep myself on this awesome new path. I now feel “in control” of my body and my mind. It’s the opposite of what I went through years ago…

I actually look forward to doing my SYMULAST sequence during the week because I know it works!!

I work a more physical job and even my boss has noticed my job performance has improved tremendously. I build more strength each week that passes and it has changed the way I exercise completely. I no longer rush my “workouts” or dread them – I enjoy them!!

I was incorporating HIIT training into my workouts about 5 months ago because it has become so popular where I live and thought I would try it. Well, I stopped doing HIIT after one month. My body started shutting down and I was going backwards on my results. So, now I follow your contrarian ‘LIIT’ based approach, as you recommend, and my body is now back to being stress free!! This is a true life-saver for women, btw…

For any woman still struggling to find a cellulite removal method that works, I would say to you “definitely try Joey’s Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Method”. It can change your life both physically and mentally; it sure did for me!! Your body is your own temple and you can transform it any way you choose to.

You can do anything with the right mindset AND THE RIGHT tools. The main method is super-focused and simple to do anywhere, and the bonuses & extras add a helpful element of ongoing support and motivation for the rest of the body – and mind.

Sincerely a believer for life,*

Karie Lynn
St Paul, MN
35 years young
PS – I haven’t worn a swimsuit in many years – but this Spring/Summer will be different. And I’ll be wearing one WITHOUT a COVER UP!!

Very sorry I waited so long

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.) 🙂

 Dear Joey*,

I’m posting this all the way from Macedonia, so please excuse my English for this.

I'm writing you in order to say SORRY 🙁

Sorry because I didn't trust you at the beginning (May of last year), when I ordered your Naked beauty/SYMULAST Method.

When I saw the instructional sequences in my videos I thought NO WAY, because I killed myself before, exercising with much tougher and longer programs. I didn’t believe something so much easier could be so much more effective.

BUT, after a year of having it and not using it, I said to myself that I should give your method a chance, because after many years of trying many other things I still had this awful dimples on my lower body parts, and stomach and flabby arms. And all these things was slowly getting worse too.

So I started two months ago, as per the 19 minute schedule you suggested and the results are amazing. I never had weight problems, was easy to see fast results on the cellulite areas.

Not only for my legs, thighs and butt, but the belly too, I can't believe it's mine, it’s so different now.

On the age of 45, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have these beautiful changes on my body. I haven’t worn a swimsuit in so many years without a cover-up wrap, but this Summer I couldn’t wait to wear a bikini and not need to have a cover-up.

The freedom and confidence is more than when I was younger. So, you were right! 🙂

Joey, THANK YOU. You really know what you are doing and that's something I admire.

I am very private about things, so I hope you are fine with my not sending photos over the internet. I don’t even use a Facebook page.

I will send you another update in a few months because I’m still seeing improvement every few weeks.

Best regards,

Thanks for this miracle method!

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.) 🙂

 *"I started having cellulite since I was about 18 years old. I am the typical skinny-fat girl type. All women in my family have it, and to top it off I have been a sweet and French fries fanatic for many years.

I also barely drank water for many years, only when my body wanted to. I am currently 28 years old and I have been fighting cellulite for about 10 years on and off. I tried all kinds of expensive lotions, endermology, dry skin brushing, and all sorts of inconsistent exercise routines including weight lifting. My main problem areas are my butt, knee area and thighs.

I never felt confident to wear shorts, skirts, or dresses. I would look at pictures of myself in a bikini and all my concentration was always focused on that ugly orange peel. I have really struggled with this, especially when I look at my mom and grandmother. I did not want to end up like them.

January of 2012 I started doing some serious research online and came across the Naked Beauty Symulast method program. What you explained during the video made so much sense, and even though I was very skeptical, I was truly desperate because my body was getting worse. I started your routine right away and within a few weeks I noticed changes, I call it the automatic butt lift.

However, I was impatient and once more I gave up on it and went back to my old habits, especially the eating ones. At that point, food was more powerful than my cellulite, I did not want to change badly enough. During 2012 and 2013 I did the program on and off many times, never really sticking to healthy eating or being consistent.

Finally in August of 2013 I decided that enough was enough. I realized that the older I have gotten the harder it has become for me to control my body and mind. I did not want to get to my mother’s age and look back at the opportunity I missed due to lack of discipline and commitment. I started eating healthier and doing the method 2 times a week. I also incorporated a little cardio in the mornings. I personally dislike cardio, so I decided to do your simpler recommendation of cardio.

I have a 12 inch step and I do steps on it for 25-30 minutes in the mornings. I cannot tell you how quickly my body changed, and my cellulite started to fade away. Food makes a huge difference, but your program makes miracles happen.

I have also being weight lifting, but regardless of my intense weight workouts, my cellulite only improves quickly with your unique program. I noticed that when I stop doing NB for a few weeks, it suddenly see the cellulite come back. Joey's method should be part of any woman’s routine for life. It is very easily done, low impact and can be done anywhere.

I went on a cruise in November 2013, and I was doing the method inside my tiny cabin. I still have some cellulite, but again, water and food make a great impact. I expect that over the next 2 to 3 months I'll rid of most of it since I have become much more focused now. I am really looking forward to it.

This program will always be part of my life, it comes before weight lifting and everything else. I wish I would have never spent all the money I did trying worthless stuff.

Thanks for bringing this gift to women, and I hope more and more become aware of it and commit to doing it."*


by Jill Humphreys on My Cellulite Buster
The Results Are Amazing

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.) 🙂

 *"Hi Joey and Team

Firstly many many thanks for the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Routine!!!!

Have been using it since 6th March 2013 and have to say the results are amazing. I am an x fitness instructor with a huge gap of 15 years non fitness.. I looked after my mum till her death last year and brought up my boy single handed.

During this time my body had suffered from lack of exercise and therefore my figure had lost its tone and cellulite had appeared a little too much. My muscles lost definition. I have been looking for a good workout that concentrated on the areas that where the most problems for me..and that was legs ..knees..buttocks and stomach, upper arms back and shoulders..all over I guess you would say..but from the core foundations I wanted to develop my strength.

Wonder of wonders your e mail arrived and I was thrilled with your teachings and simplistic exercises that you show and demonstrate so clearly.

I find them so easy to follow and all my friends have been aware of this program and so want to know what it is I'm doing to get results like I have got.

Take for example yesterday I was shopping..I had my new track suit on a dress size smaller. Two people complimented me on my new figure and asked what diet had I been on!!!!

I was on cloud nine... and of course told them about your Naked Beauty method and referred them to your site...I have not gone on the scales whilst on this its my clothes that is my guide...they fit better and I so love my butt.... its firmer and a great shape now..

I work hard at my stuff and will continue to do so..with all the other value you provide its so great to have someone like you that is committed to helping such soles as us women to help restore our bodies with great tuition and forethought on all the moves and products that you endorse.

Joey I love you for helping me get the body beautiful..I have met a real great guy..and we are meeting for the first time in 6 weeks... by then I will have a number of sessions under my belt... which means I will be looking fantastic in and out of my clothes.

Its all thanks to you for showing me how... with this program I would not have been confident to start dating again after such a long time....Respect my friend.....:)

I have ordered the hard copy and you know when these will be delivered??? as not received them as yet...Please keep me informed of anything new you think would be of benefit to me...I have stepped up to level 2 now and will follow level 3 as per your instructions..

I will keep in touch..and send photos..

Kindest regards"*

Jill Humphreys

by Nicole on My Cellulite Buster
A Happy Perfectionist!

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.) 🙂

 *"Hello Team 🙂
I've sent an email to directly your support desk with my updated progress pics but I want those to stay private, please. However, I did want to also place a review here so other ladies can hear from someone who is already experiencing wonderful improvements with your Symulast anti-cellulite method. I'm a total perfectionist so let's just say I'm 95% of the way there and just 5% to go!! This Summer is going to be the best Summer season ever. I already bought two beautiful swim-suits right after trying them on, which I NEVER would've bought after having my twins four years ago. I really love that I can do the symulast method routine right in my bedroom and I can even do it when we go on roadtrips when we travel for family or business. It's enjoyable and simple, plus my energy is increasing weekly, as well, which is something I wasn't expecting but am surely glad to feel. I've regained control of my body and how it looks at all times. My husband is a general practice doctor and is impressed with how the movements are natural, safe and steady, yet very targeted and effective. Give this a chance, girls! It's worth it."*
-Nicole from Decatur

by Boria S. on My Cellulite Buster
Proud of my new body

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, etc.) 🙂

 *"Hi Joey, I am Boria from Bulgaria. My problems with cellulite started when I was prescribed contraception pills. In less than a month I was flabby with terrible ugly dimples that went down to my knees! It was my boyfriend who discovered the symulast program for me. I bought it, pinned the instructional sheets on my wall and I hit it off right away. The more I do the Naked beauty, the better I feel about my lower-body - I know it's almost impossible, but I feel like my knee skin is getting tighter, my legs are elongating, my thighs are toning-up, I look better every time I do the program. I love doing it-it's very pleasant and sweet-comparing to all the blasting cardio of other programs and not being able to lift yourself after hours of training. I am so proud of my new body! One week ago I was walking towards the local market and a guy was walking towards me carrying boxes of food. When he saw me approaching, he stared at me so hard that he dropped his boxes and the food was scattered all over him and the ground! I recommend the symualst method of Naked beauty to every woman out there! Thank you, Joey!!!"*