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*Keep in mind, your specific results are not guaranteed to match what you read below. So the neat thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course. And there are hundreds of thousands of women who find this site and method every week, from all over the world. So varying results are common.

Q: How fast can I expect to see results?*

Some women have reported seeing definite results in only 2 weeks – while others have seen great results at about the 3-4 month mark.

Most women – who follow the method consistently – usually see positive results within that short time period. The important thing to realize is every woman is different and her body reacts and changes at different time intervals. This is due to previous lifestyle habits, muscle-fiber characteristics, stage of life (i.e., menopause, pregnancy, etc...), hormone regulation, etc...

The key is to not give up too early if the changes come a little slower for you because you still have a lifetime ahead of you to enjoy the improvements and enhancements.

Many women report “feeling” some results right away – in terms of generating the muscle layer stimulation right from the early stages - and then "seeing" those changes on the skin surface layer after the "feeling" phase.

Q: Does this also include a healthy “diet” or a realistic nutrition plan I can follow?*

If your eating is perfect, or near perfect – then you don’t need an eating plan to follow. But, if you do – then you’ll have the option to get The N.Beauty “Diet”/Anti-Cellulite Eating Plan – AFTER you purchase the NB/SYMULAST Method.

All you do is ‘Add to Cart’ when you get to the appropriate page – right after you place your order for the SYMULAST Method program.

Keep in mind – you do not have to get it if you already eat very well. All you need is the N./SYMULAST Method.

Q: What is The N.Beauty/SYMULAST Method and what does it include?*

The N.Beauty/SYMULAST Method guides you through the most essential steps for cellulite reduction through targeted muscle stimulation, toning, firming and lifting of the trouble spots and problem areas. This is a simple, but unique, program which can be done in the privacy of your own home, without weights and without machines.

Items included, demonstrated and explained in the Private Client Access Area, to make your cellulite reduction plan easy to start and follow, are:

* Both a video version and printable version of the NB-SYMULAST Exercise Method
* Weekly sample schedules show you when to do the routine
* Cardio Cheat-Sheet helps you decide if you need it & how much, what type – if you do
* Long Term cellulite prevention and maintenance schedule
* Online Bonus videos: Tightly-Toned Arms & Flat-Sexy Stomach
* And a few other Special Secret bonus items such as my Total-Body Toning videos; Levels 1 and 2

Q: Is there a hard copy version of your program I can have shipped to me?*

In addition to the program, the digital/online takeaways and the unlimited private client access which is included as part of your initial order, a hard copy version (DVD and Book set) will be made available for purchase in the private client area. You must be a customer of the digital/online version before purchasing the hard copy.

This enables us to create an enhanced experience, for faster and better results, which includes online videos that give you specific instructions directly from Joey as he goes through the SYMULAST Anti-Cellulite Method routine.

Digital support documents are easy to follow PDF sheets that are available for immediate download after your purchase. You will receive simple instructions for the PDF sheets, as well as the bonus reports. You will be able to download them and print them within minutes of your order.

Having immediate access to this information is a major benefit of digital distribution. If you want to start your SYMULAST Method within the next hour, you can do so simply by placing your secure online order and viewing your program online. Hard copies (DVD and Book set) usually take between 7-10 days to be delivered in the USA, and slightly longer to other countries.

Q: I’ve tried everything under the sun, including lipo. Why should I have hope in the SYMULAST Method?*

"Everything under the sun" usually means:
- creams and lotions
- heated massage rollers
- body wraps and horse-brushing
- detox and colon flushes
- ceramic fiber shorts
- hi-pressure undergarments
- vacuum suction cups
- chemical gel mixtures
- and a bunch more...

These are all SURFACE-aimed gimmicks. The appearance of cellulite dimples and bumps is not a skin issue and it's not an issue with the healthy fat layer sitting right under the skin (we NEED that layer as humans, for proper function and safety).

It's a muscle layer issue and therefore NONE of those passive, surface things can reverse the cause of cellulite. That's why those never worked for you.

And lipo? Well, liposuction simply sucks fat out from under your skin. So, you still have the flat and mushy muscles underneath - and then you remove the fat layer from under the skin? Now the skin has even LESS support under it and just like an old, deflated balloon - the skin will be even bumpier and with deeper dimples. Not good.

SYMULAST aims at the physiological source - below the skin and healthy fat layer. It aims at the 90 muscles in the lower body zones and stimulates them to enhance the female shape and skin texture by lifting, firming and toning the shapely muscle groups - so the skin gets smoother and more evenly lifted, instead of sagging and drooping toward the ground.

As the muscles push outward against the skin layer - the appearance of the dimples and bumps fade away because the shadow effect becomes less and less evident as the skin gets smooth and even.

Q: I’ve already tried some random regular exercises. So, why is The SYMULAST Method different?*

Regular exercise programs and typical gym routines are very broad and general. They are aimed at improving overall fitness and health in many regards. Because of this, there is no specifically targeted and deep muscle layer stimulation, which is NECESSARY, in the cellulite zones.

Also - women who may have only focused on cardio exercise, will surely NOT see a smoothing and toning of the dimples and bumps (this has been reported, by many women, to actually make the cellulite appearance even worse) - Because too much/only cardio can make the muscle layers even flatter and mushier, through muscle-wasting. Overuse of certain muscles in the same repetitive motions may burn off the actual muscle as fuel - especially in the absence of proper muscle-toning and firming exercises.

Even though some trainers say you have to do weighted squats and all the machines - they are not well versed in specific body enhancement - and the issue of cellulite bumps/dimples, to be more exact. The majority of trainers are all certified in the same way and they all pass long the same myths - which are all tied to making people believe you can't do any type of results-oriented body movements at home.

SYMULAST gives the Naked Beauty program it's effectiveness by specifically targeting the cellulite zones (legs, buns, hips and thighs) to stimulate the reversal of muscle atrophy - resulting in a lifting, toning and firming of the muscles directly under the skin in the problem areas and trouble spots.

When the muscles get femininely shaped and sculpted - they gently push outward against the skin - and in doing so - the skin gets flattened and tightened for a smoother and more even texture and appearance.

Regular exercises or common workout programs CANNOT do that.

Q: What if I have a bad knee, or knee issues? Can I still do this and get the results I want?*

Yes, each movement is easily modified to cater to your range of motion - while still enabling proper form. The key is the tempo and sequence, in addition to the form maintained in the muscle movements - which give The SYMULAST Method it's effectiveness for women.

Think of all the athletes you've seen, both male and female. Unlike bulky power-lifters and puffy bodybuilders - the athletes of sports have sensually defined physiques which are pleasing to the eye. The muscles are shapely and sculpted, with the skin smooth and even.

The athletic body is pleasing to the eye because the muscles of the athlete are stimulated through an array of natural movements required by the sport being played. The tightness of the skin is a result of the muscles under the skin being stimulated and toned on a consistent basis - and the same principle is how SYMULAST works to reverse the cause of lower-body dimples and bumps. BUT, you don't have to be an athlete, or play any type of sport for this to work 🙂

Again - WITHOUT the use of dangerous weights and uncomfortable & awkward machines.

Q: I don’t have any weight to lose, well maybe 3 or 4 pounds, but really just cellulite dimples and shadows to get rid of, is my main problem. Is this a good program for someone like me?*


Q: Can I use The SYMULAST Method to get rid of my cellulite, regardless of which country I live in?*

Yes, Your Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Anti0cellulite Method program is accessible from every country, via a private online access area. (You can also choose to add the upgrade package, at a deep discount, and have the DVD/Manual combo set shipped to you as well).

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