Cellulite Removal Success Stories On TV Show Real Cellulite Removal

Cellulite Removal Success Stories On TV Show Real Cellulite Removal

The cellulite treatment scams and cellulite products shams are a never-ending maze of pure trash, BS, harmful devices and dangerous procedures & surgeries.

If you’ve been searching for a cellulite removal solution for any amount of time – then it is possible you’ve been fleeced a few times, maybe even had your cellulite made worse by a “lying professional” through some kind of injections, laser or cellulite surgery.

The truth about this adjective known as “cellulite” is this:

We can’t treat it with horse hair mitts, coffee scrubs, lotions, body-wraps, knobby rollers, facsia-rippers, surgery, pills, vacumm cups or any other complete waste of money that could scar you for life and make your cellulite problem even worse.

All you need to do is search for “cellulite treatment complaints” and you’ll see countless FDA/FTC/Gov listings for recalls, fines and cease and desist orders against endless cellulite products, companies and procedures.

Here’s the physiological truth – from a Master Degree Exercise Physiologist:

The word “cellulite” is descriptive term used to give a “NAME” to the dimpled and shadowy, rippled appearance of the skin’s surface.

This dimpled and shadowy appearance on the outermost layer of the skin is the result of atrophied muscles under the “cellulite” zones of skin, usually in a woman’s trouble-zones and problem areas.

“Atrophied Muscle” is the physiological term which is defined by “weak, mushy, flat and un-toned muscles”.

When muscles are weak, flat, mushy and un-toned – they sag and droop. When these flat muscles sag and droop toward the ground – the skin layer has no firm support under it – so the skin buckles and dents – causing the appearance of the dimples, shadows and ripples; commonly and erroneously referred to as “cellulite”.

The only physiological way to reverse this cause of the dimples and shadows is to tone, lift and firm the muscle layers which lay under the “cellulite” skin zones (legs, buns, hips & thighs).

But this is NOT achieved by doing lots of cardio exercise – or heavy gym-type weights & machine workout programs. And it’s not fixed by doing HIIT or any other type of body-bashing hardcore workouts…

Those can actually make the dimples, ripples and shadows a lot worse and cause harmful injuries too.

The way to specifically target these trouble-zone muscle groups is through focused, natural and gentle body-weight exercises, which can be done at home or the office.

These exercises are combined using a specific formula of form, tempo and sequence.

There’s more to it and I share it here in my “5 Keys to Cellulite Removal” Article:

Cellulite Removal – All Else Is a Scam or a Sham: The TRUTH About Cellulite Removal

Powerful Cellulite Success Story from Michele On Cellulite Before and After

This is another candid cellulite success story from Michele G from Ohio, shared with Joey Atlas on the Fitness Whisperer Podcast:

A true cellulite expert and women’s body enhancement specialist, Joey invited Michele to do this interview with the aim to help other women get a better understanding of what cellulite really is – and the only way to reverse the cause of it.

Joey invited Michele after getting an email from her, just a few weeks into the program. She wrote Joey to let him know how ecstatic she was about the early improvements and just couldn’t believe how effective his method is…

Any woman, no matter her age, needs to hear this cellulite before and after interview.

So, just click play and listen, because if you have “cellulite”, or fear the day you start seeing it – then what is revealed in this telling interview will save you much pain, lots of money and lots of time & energy seeking out the wrong answers…

The scammy & sleazy realm of cellulite treatments, devices, gimmicks and procedures is loaded with rip-offs, injuries, and horror stories of surgeries gone bad, medi-spa solutions going awry, and “specialists” presenting hoax upon sham just by preying on a woman’s desperations.

This audio interview is yet another that will help clear the fog, put you “in the know” and help you avoid the unfortunate choices of cellulite treatments that will only make it worse.

Some of what Michele and Joey Reveal In This Episode are:

1 – When the cellulite started for Michele and how she describes it
2 – All the cellulite products she tried that didn’t work, including cellulite diets
3 – All the money she wasted on cellulite scams and rip-offs
4 – What her “beauty technician” friend confessed to her about all the cellulite laser devices, vacuum machines and other passive, expensive bogus offerings, like cellulite wraps (this will blow your mind, and make you angry)
5 – What happened when she hired “regular personal trainers” who said they could get rid of her cellulite the “common workout way”

And MUCH more….

In addition to removing cellulite, Michele also talks about;

1 – Increase her breast size/fullness, VERY unexpected (up 2 cup sizes)
2 – Diet soda in her younger years, not knowing the ill effects
3 – Having children and then deciding to get rid of the cellulite in her 40’s (she’s now 54 happy!)
4 – How her jeans are looser and fit better, despite gaining 5 lbs of muscle tone and bone density (she was baffled by this until Joey explained why these benefits and visible improvements are happening to her body and her trouble-zones…
5 – What she’s going to do next, based on Joey’s advice, to keep getting more and more improvements, including the complete “removal of cellulite” from her legs, butt, hips thighs and other problem areas.

To hear, bookmark and/or share the original cellulite success story interview, you can visit:
==> Michele’s Cellulite Success Story; Cellulite Before and After Improvements & More Progress

If YOU are a woman who has not gotten rid of the cellulite on your trouble spots and problem areas – then you have 3 SWEET choices to Nail Your Cellulite:

*Specific results are not guaranteed. So, your results may vary, as every woman is unique, of course 🙂

1 – Read the 5 Keys to Kill Cellulite Article (highly recommended if you haven’t yet)


2 – Watch the Free SYMULAST Method Preview Presentation

3 – Or just order your SYMULAST Method now and get started with Getting Rid of Your Cellulite ASAP