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Vanessa’s Amazing Cellulite Before and After Success Story with Photo

Vanessa's Cellulite "Before and After Cellulite" Success Story photo

Vanessa’s Cellulite “Before and After Cellulite” Success Story photo

by Joey Atlas, M.S., Exe. Physio, Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist

Cellulite Success Story Interview with Vanessa: Before and After Cellulite*

*Keep in mind, specific results are not guaranteed. So the neat thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course. And there are MANY women who find this site and method every week, from all over the world. So varying results are common. Especially when we consider how many different female “body-types” there are (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph, etc…)..

This cellulite before and after success story interview has been translated from Portuguese into English, as Vanessa actually found and purchased the Port./Brazilian version of my program (Naked Beauty/SYMULAST has been translated into 5 other major languages).

After experiencing her incredible changes, she reached out to me on social media to thank me and to give strong praise for my program that has radically improved her trouble-zones and has given her her life back and her self-esteem.

Here’s the first message she sent me to start the conversation:

Hello Joey,
I’m Vanessa and I’ve been using the Naked Beauty SYMULAST program since 2017 and I wanted to let you know how amazing the improvements have been.

I don’t know if many women let you know about their improvements, but I want to make sure you know about mine. You deserve to know how special this program is and what it means to women like me.

I have never taken before photos of my cellulite problems, so I don’t have any to send you. I’m sure most other women will agree that the last thing we want captured on photos is our horrible cellulite. But take my word for it. Mine was bad, very very bad.

But you helped me change that, and that is what I want you to know. So I’m including my “after” photo because to me, that is all that really matters now 🙂

I wore a cover up on the beach for so many years, so my cellulite couldn’t be seen.

And now you can see, I don’t have to cover anything up. And it feels so amazing, so freeing.

I’ll be turning 40 soon and it feels so incredible to be improving myself at middle-age.
Thank you!!

She then used a translation app to answer the success story interview questions we are about to share with you.

Enjoy and please share this with anyone else you know who needs to find a valid and legitimate cellulite removal solution.

Here we go…

1 – At what point in your life did you notice the appearance of cellulite dimples and shadows?

During all my youth, I had ups and downs with the appearance of cellulite. It would improve at times, but it would never fully disappear. And over the years, into adulthood it slowly got worse, and it was so frustrating to have this happening and not know what to do about it.

2 – How long did it progress until you decided to do something about it?

From 1997 to 2017 the dimples and dents just got more and more visible no matter what I did or what products I tried.

3 – What things did you try? And what happened when you tried them?

Oh my goodness, all kinds of crazy things.

I tried cellulite creams and lotions, coffee scrubs, horse hair mitts, body wraps, fat-freezing treatments, shaping massages, vacuum devices, heat-lasers, high-intensity spinning classes, and workouts at the regular gym.

And probably more things that I know I’m forgetting, such as the painful rolling stick device with the prongs and knobs on it.

It’s like a rolling pin with these torturous points sticking out and they claim it’s supposed to break up fascia adhesions. Crazy, I tell you…

But none of them worked. I think some of them made it worse. And I wasted so much money, so much.

4 – How did the dimples, ripples and shadows called cellulite affect your life?

Wow this is a question that makes me want to cry.

I was so humiliated by shallow boyfriends, and other people who would talk about it and laugh behind my back. It was horrible for my self-image, especially in my younger years.

5 – How did it make you feel?

The humiliation led to deep frustration and lots of confusion.

And the specific times of trying to wear certain warm weather outfits or even thinking about a swimsuit was so emotionally hurtful. It drove me to desperation, and hence the willingness to try so many crazy things.

I never gave up though, because I always thought, there has to be something to fix this

And I developed inner drive to get some revenge on the old boyfriends and other people who humiliated me along the way.

Hahahahah and now that the cellulite issue is gone, I’m making sure to show the improvements somehow, like my Instagram for example, to show them how I am today.

Hopefully they will be kinder to others now, lol

6 – What led you to my website and cellulite removal presentation video?

I was in a forum where a woman was talking about how she got rid of her cellulite with your method and she had posted a link for someone else to your 5 Keys to Kill Cellulite article. So I clicked through and read that first.

Then I watched your great cellulite removal presentation video, explaining clearly about the real cause of cellulite, what the word actually means and how nothing we tried ever worked, and of course the only thing that can work.

7 – What made you believe my unique method could work for you?

Before I started, when I watched the presentation video you sounded like you knew exactly what I had been through. And you were saying things that I NEVER heard anywhere else, not even on any of the medical or cosmetic surgery sites.

So I started. And then within a few weeks, the visible results started showing and I was a complete believer!!!!

8 – How long have you been doing it?

Vanessa's Cellulite "Before and After Cellulite" Success Story

Vanessa’s Cellulite “Before and After Cellulite” Success Story

I became aware of the program in May 2017 and started immediately.

It left me completely motivated from the first day, because you can feel the muscles in ways you never felt before.

And within about 33 days I could see the smoothing results of my skin, the dimples and shadows kept fading away. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I simply followed your specific instructions for this CURE you’ve created, Joey.

I consider it the cure for cellulite because it’s given me TOTAL HEALING of this thing that plagued me for so long.

Trusting in you was the first big step.



9 – At this point how would you describe the changes you’re seeing and feeling? How are these improvements making you feel?

As I write this I find myself completely without cellulite.

I’m Happy every day, my body looks great.

I’m healthier and stronger and that’s why I reached out to you, because you needed to know what your program has done for me and I want to share my story so other women can avoid all the years of despair that I went through.

10 – How does this affect your life and attitude?

I’m so confident in wearing clothes I would never wear before. Summer shorts, a bikini at the beach, whatever I want to wear is good!

I walk the beach without fear and without being self-conscious. It feels amazing really.

11 – What things are you able to do now – and love doing them because of the changes to your body?

Wow, so many things. Where do I start, lol 😃👌🏼

12 – What is your area/location called?

My exact location is the city of Balneário Camboriú, State of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.

You can use my first and last name, no problem.( Vanessa Martins Fernandes)

I’m proud of my results, yes. But I really want women to know this is real and this works.

13 – As a percentage – how much reduction in cellulite would you say you’re seeing at this point – as measured from when you started the Method?

( i.e. – “I can surely say I’ve seen a 65% (70%, 85%, 95%) improvement (disappearance of cellulite dimples, ripples & shadows, etc) since starting the SYMULAST Method __ months ago.”)

In 33 exact days was when I noticed the first big change 85%.

At about 2 months I noticed the firmness in my buttocks, thighs, and even my arms. I’d say 100%.

I also lost a little weight (after 3 months), even though I wasn’t even trying to. That was interesting, but very good.

What’s funny is that I started doing the Method at the gym, instead of just at home.

And the trainers watched my movements, they saw how I was doing things differently than everyone else and that I wasn’t even using weights and the machines.

They asked me, how I knew, where I learned this and how to do these specific exercises so perfectly, and that I look amazing, have a beautiful body, etc.

14 – What are the key elements of the Method that appeal to you and your lifestyle?

The fact that I no longer need to do those hardcore workouts with the heavy weight and the uncomfortable machines is life-changing.

All those traditional high-intensity, high-impact things already hurt my lower back. The aches and constant stiffness in the lower back area was taking a toll on me back then.

15 – What would you say to other women out there who are still searching, in frustration and confusion, for something that actually does target and reverse the problem called “cellulite”?

I would say to believe in the SYMULAST Naked Beauty Method and belive in yourself. Your body wants to change.

Besides being based on real physiology, 20-40 minutes a few times a week, combining hydration (water intake) and healthier foods, this method results in firmness, smoothing, toning and lifting of the butt, thighs, legs, arms, belly, all parts of your body really.

💪🏽👌🏼👏🏼 #Youaretheguyjoey

16 – Feel free to add anything you wish here!! 🙂

Well, I tried everything in my life to “remove cellulite”, and nothing worked.

I wasted so much money, thousands and thousands of dollars, and wasted so much time. The lies that are told, to sell women on fixing their cellulite issues are pathetic and pure fraud.

I know I speak for a lot of women in the world who are living the same dreadful experience. Joey’s other success stories and his cellulite presentation video made me a believer before I even started his program.

Now I didn’t try any surgery or liposuction as I never met anyone who had successful surgery to get rid of cellulite. As a matter of fact I had a friend who tried liposuction for her cellulite and it made it even worse. She wishes every day that she didn’t do it. Big regret.

And all the research I came across was very vague, shady and unconvincing. After seeing Joey’s presentation, I realized the truth why nothing else could work, not even surgery.

If you’re a woman who is serious about beating the cellulite monster, then just get started with the method and be patient with the changes. Mine happened pretty quickly but all women are different.

Joey has said that some women, depending on certain lifestyle factors, can take 6-9 months to see amazing improvements, but if you still have 40 or 50 years of life, then it’s all worth it of course, because you can enjoy all those years instead of being unhappy and controlled by the appearance of cellulite that just gets worse over the years unless you fix the underlying cause of it.

Joey I’m grateful for you for the rest of my life 🙏😎 🏝 thank you so much!!! 🌪💪🏽😚🍑


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