Q: I’ve already tried some random regular exercises. So, why is The SYMULAST Method different?*

Regular exercise programs and typical gym routines are very broad and general. They are aimed at improving overall fitness and health in many regards. Because of this, there is no specifically targeted and deep muscle layer stimulation, which is NECESSARY, in the cellulite zones.

Also – women who may have only focused on cardio exercise, will surely NOT see a smoothing and toning of the dimples and bumps (this has been reported, by many women, to actually make the cellulite appearance even worse) – Because too much/only cardio can make the muscle layers even flatter and mushier, through muscle-wasting. Overuse of certain muscles in the same repetitive motions may burn off the actual muscle as fuel – especially in the absence of proper muscle-toning and firming exercises.

Even though some trainers say you have to do weighted squats and all the machines – they are not well versed in specific body enhancement – and the issue of cellulite bumps/dimples, to be more exact. The majority of trainers are all certified in the same way and they all pass long the same myths – which are all tied to making people believe you can’t do any type of results-oriented body movements at home.

SYMULAST gives the Naked Beauty program it’s effectiveness by specifically targeting the cellulite zones (legs, buns, hips and thighs) to stimulate the reversal of muscle atrophy – resulting in a lifting, toning and firming of the muscles directly under the skin in the problem areas and trouble spots.

When the muscles get femininely shaped and sculpted – they gently push outward against the skin – and in doing so – the skin gets flattened and tightened for a smoother and more even texture and appearance.

Regular exercises or common workout programs CANNOT do that.