Q: I’ve tried everything under the sun, including lipo. Why should I have hope in the SYMULAST Method?*

“Everything under the sun” usually means:
– creams and lotions
– heated massage rollers
– body wraps and horse-brushing
– detox and colon flushes
– ceramic fiber shorts
– hi-pressure undergarments
– vacuum suction cups
– chemical gel mixtures
– and a bunch more…

These are all SURFACE-aimed gimmicks. The appearance of cellulite dimples and bumps is not a skin issue and it’s not an issue with the healthy fat layer sitting right under the skin (we NEED that layer as humans, for proper function and safety).

It’s a muscle layer issue and therefore NONE of those passive, surface things can reverse the cause of cellulite. That’s why those never worked for you.

And lipo? Well, liposuction simply sucks fat out from under your skin. So, you still have the flat and mushy muscles underneath – and then you remove the fat layer from under the skin? Now the skin has even LESS support under it and just like an old, deflated balloon – the skin will be even bumpier and with deeper dimples. Not good.

SYMULAST aims at the physiological source – below the skin and healthy fat layer. It aims at the 90 muscles in the lower body zones and stimulates them to enhance the female shape and skin texture by lifting, firming and toning the shapely muscle groups – so the skin gets smoother and more evenly lifted, instead of sagging and drooping toward the ground.

As the muscles push outward against the skin layer – the appearance of the dimples and bumps fade away because the shadow effect becomes less and less evident as the skin gets smooth and even.