Q: What if I have a bad knee, or knee issues? Can I still do this and get the results I want?*

Yes, each movement is easily modified to cater to your range of motion – while still enabling proper form. The key is the tempo and sequence, in addition to the form maintained in the muscle movements – which give The SYMULAST Method it’s effectiveness for women.

Think of all the athletes you’ve seen, both male and female. Unlike bulky power-lifters and puffy bodybuilders – the athletes of sports have sensually defined physiques which are pleasing to the eye. The muscles are shapely and sculpted, with the skin smooth and even.

The athletic body is pleasing to the eye because the muscles of the athlete are stimulated through an array of natural movements required by the sport being played. The tightness of the skin is a result of the muscles under the skin being stimulated and toned on a consistent basis – and the same principle is how SYMULAST works to reverse the cause of lower-body dimples and bumps.
BUT, you don’t have to be an athlete, or play any type of sport for this to work 🙂

Again – WITHOUT the use of dangerous weights and uncomfortable & awkward machines.